Bites of the Bluff 2014

Dates for the annual Bites of the Bluff, three low key training excursions on the Bluff 50k course, have been set. Complete all three and you will experience the entire route. Bite 1, The Prologue - August 31, 2014. Meet at Guilford Lakes School Maupus Rd, Guilford at 8 am. The route is an out and back of approximately 8 miles. It's dog friendly, but known to bite ankles. Bite 2, The Middle Bit - September 14, 2014. Meet across from the Guilford Monastery, Race Hill Rd, Guilford at 8 am. … [Read More...]

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Chasing Nadia … or … Racing with Madonna … or … 3rd Time, and STILL not charming by Forrest

Hi there BSers. Forrest here, been taking a little break from writing, um, “lately” ;) Now that I am taking a little break from running, maybe I will retry the writing thing! Well I suppose I should get around to telling you this is my Dam Wakely race report. This is my 3rd year in a row running it. There are VERY few races, other than Mr. Bimble’s, that I have run 3 times. ‘Nuff said about that. [Read More...]

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Chasing Forrest…. by Nadia

Part 1: Chasing Forrest INTO Wakely

So I finally experienced one of the conundrums of ultrarunning: that you can run 25 miles in the same place, at the same pace, with somebody without ever seeing them! [Read More...]


Bimbler’s Bash Results 2014

A bright sunny day with temperatures in the low 50's greeted participants at the 8th Bimbler's Bash 10K (ish). The event benefits the Guilford Land Conservation Trust. In the event of questions regarding the event or these results, please use the … [Read More...]