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Bimblers Bluff 2015 Registration

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Registration closes on October 9, 2015

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Bites of the Bluff 2015

Dates for the annual Bites of the Bluff, three low key training excursions on the Bluff 50k course, have been set. Complete all three and you will experience the entire route. Bite 1, The Prologue - August 23, 2015. Meet at Guilford Lakes School Maupus Rd, Guilford at 8 am. The route is an out and back of approximately 8 miles. It's dog friendly, but known to bite ankles. Bite 2, The Time Trial - September 6, 2015. Meet across from the … [Read More...]

Bluff Bite 1

Affectionately known as the Prologue, Bite 1 covers the first and last last sections of the Bluff … [Read More...]