Bimblers Bash 10k

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Bash 2015The 10th Bimbler’s Bash will take place at 9:00 am on Sunday April 3rd, 2016 through Westwoods, Guilford with  all proceeds from the event being donated to the Guilford Land Conservation Trust.  The Bash is currently the biggest trail race in Connecticut in terms of the number of participants. Based on demand for places in previous years you are advised to register early if you wish to participate. This race is promoted as a 10k event but rumors are abound that the course might be a tad longer. On race day remember as you near the finish this an event, “…where soul meets sole…”!

The Race

The Bimblers Bash 10k is an entirely off-road loop within Westwoods, Guilford made up from a series of interconnecting single track hiking trails. You should expect to negotiate lots of rocks, roots and possibly get your feet wet, plus with two rock scrambles be prepared for an adventure! This is a true trail race and the technical nature of the terrain will mean that you will be exposed to the risk of injury. While every reasonable effort will be made to ensure your safety and enjoyment, all participants must be prepared to accept full responsibility for these risks.

The Bash course is rumored to be longer than the advertised distance, is this true? Maybe,  there are 10k’s and then there is the Bash!


Registration will open in late 2015


If you have questions regarding the race, you may send them via our email contact form


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